Thursday, June 10, 2021

Reading 6

Tonight's reading was about students who experienced childhood trauma (mostly physical and emotional abuse) going through a doctoral program.  The research involved a very small sampling with limited diversity.  However, I do agree with its general conclusions and believe it would hold well in a larger sampling.

I can see where prior studies show a relationship between those with hardships during youth and a higher success rate.  But I think it may be skewed because of the availability of support in developed countries and especially in academic institutions.  I don't know if the same success would be found in impoverished agricultural societies?  To that point, I see the value in the authors' recommendation that faculty/staff have a key role in making positive contact with students so they can succeed.

My takeaway here is to accept assistance from the faculty/staff if we need it... and to provide it to other students if they need it.  It is part of what makes anyone (not just at-risk students) successful - support.

Bessey, R., & Gonz├ílez, J.-C. (2018). Resilient Doctoral Students in California: A Reflective Study of the Relation Between Childhood Challenges and Academic Success. Journal of At-Risk Issues, 21(2), 30–36.

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