Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Reading 5

Tonight's reading is a journal article that speaks about the doctoral program "transforming" you into a researcher/scholar.  After reading the first few pages of the article, I began to think about what I should be expecting as the outcome of this doctoral program.  I was anticipating gaining knowledge of new tools that serve to explore limits of current knowledge or could be used to help aspiring students I teach to step up to a higher level of understanding.

Reading on...

The article discusses a doctoral candidate as a summation of both the student and the student's human and knowledge network.  This I can understand.  Many bright people are only so because of how they can tap the knowledge of others and merge them into a new product.  Think Bill Gates.  If I may be so bold, this also sounds a bit like how a Jedi (Star Wars) is only a Jedi because of the Force - the essence of life and its interactions with everything.

Then I became lost...

I re-read "Inger's story" three times.  However, I believe it tried to make comparisons of doctoral (both as an entity and as skills) to ethereal, nearly spiritual, subjects.  I suppose the intent is to show how things like her book aren't just the printed knowledge, but also how the book is protected/treated is an aspect of what defines her. It also seems to include daily routines as a defining aspect.  This was proven when things didn't go right.

My takeaway from this reading is that I should consider more of my surroundings and routines as part of my doctoral program.  It needs attention as well while I spend the next few years "transforming."

Barnacle, R., & Mewburn, I. (2010). Learning networks and the journey of ‘becoming doctor.’ Studies in Higher Education, 35(4), 433–444. https://doi.org/10.1080/03075070903131214 

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