Thursday, June 24, 2021

Journal Entry 3

Today's entry is a reflection on the statement "success is the result of prioritizing long-term desire over short-term gratification" and to come up with ways to combine immediate rewards with long-term rewards.

I don't feel the statement is valid.  I believe that success is whenever you meet any goals.  The value of that success is often linked to the effort and duration required to obtain it.  So the best way to make this happen is to break up the long-term desire into a collection of short-term goals.  Then give yourself permission to celebrate each and every one of those small wins.  I think this lines up nicely with the intention of Atomic Habits.  You give yourself a small win and use it to give you your next win.  Each win builds on the prior until your finding it easier and easier to make that longer-term goal.

For now, I personally enjoy the positive feedback I get from my wife when she reads these entries.  This has done a lot to help me actually enjoy writing every day or two for class.  As these entries build up, eventually I may have something as a source for a future paper of my own and not just as completion of an assignment.

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