Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Discussion 1

Due to the "Incident Response Escape Room" not happening until June 21st, Discussion 1 was delayed until now.

The online team building simulation was a very novel way to break the ice and get to meet my fellow cohorts.  Interestingly, most of us already had a background in incident response for technical issues.  This meant there was little worry of not finding the right skills in the group for each role and task.

Hobbs became the default leader of the group.  He had helped to organize the best time we'd perform the task.  Once we all arrived in our assigned Teams chatroom, we gave brief introductions of ourselves.  I believe only one person felt they were not well suited for the task.  However, as none of us thought the scenario would truly be technical, we talked down that aspect and just made sure we all knew to "look and talk" a lot.

Once the scenario began, it was strangely quiet.  Everyone scattered to all the areas of the simulation.  Only when someone had a lead on what to do next did they speak up.  It was almost as if we had done this before as a group.  Kudos to industry-standard team norms!

If there was a shortfall, it was in how we presented our findings to each other.  None of us used screen sharing, so we were either just trying to verbalize the information or copy-paste them into the chat window.

In the end, we didn't make it by the deadline given, but it wasn't an issue of complaint by any of us. Instead, we were all focused on trying to correctly solve the puzzle.  I think that says a lot about this group.  They are interested in doing things right first... speed second.  For academics, I think this is perfect.

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