Friday, June 4, 2021

PIE 1-3

1. What does being a member of the IT profession mean to you? How did you come to this understanding?

Being a member of the IT profession means that I have chosen a career path that uses talents and learned skills in the electronic, logic, and abstract areas.  I came to realize that I was going to contribute those talents and skills to the next revolution in productivity when I was gifted a computer for my 14th birthday.  I saw how I could use it to improve my grade school assignments – especially in accuracy.

2. What do you expect of yourself as you work towards becoming a full-fledged Doctor of Science in IT?

I expect to put forth my best efforts.  I am a leader in a Scouting troop.  This is what I tell them to do.  I should do no less.  However, I do expect I will periodically overcommit myself as I find a balance between perfectionism and practicality.  I also am trying hard to limit my preconceived expectations of what I should do and learn in this program.  Is that ironic?

3. What will the profession expect of you?

The profession will expect me to be a positive example of both what Information Technology can do to benefit society/business as well how it can be trusted.  There has been much effort in automation and accessibility over the last several decades.  Now a large effort is being put into security and accuracy.

(edited June 30, 2021)

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