Monday, May 24, 2021

Step 1...

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
~ Lao Tzu

    Today is day one in my journey through the Doctor of Science in Information Technology (DScIT) program at Middle Georgia State University (MGA).

    I received a nice reminder email from Dr. Rigole yesterday to log into the University's learning system "Brightspace" (an online system by D2L used by many educational organizations). So, the first thing I did when I got up this morning was to dutifully log in and download the reading material and published syllabus.  Having attended MGA for my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees certainly helps to make navigating the system easier.  Every school uses it a little differently.  I know because my kids use it for some of their online grade school courses and it is organized completely differently.  I also have the advantage of having used the Brightspace system from the instructor's side.  I taught both online and in-person undergraduate programming courses for MGA last year (Jan-Dec 2020).

    With materials downloaded, I read over the upcoming required submissions for my first course, ITEC-7000: Doctoral Seminar I.  It looks like a couple of discussion entries and multiple journal entries in response to readings and presentations.  Sounds like a chance to relaunch my Blogger site and repurpose it for my coursework.  So here we are.

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