Monday, May 6, 2013

Pay Television

Please Note: Not all my suggestions are for everyone. Judge for yourself what you want to try. These are just things we've done and been very happy with.

    I'll break the topic of Pay TV into a few parts.  First, I'll give you some reasons why you might dump your pay television provider (cable/satellite).  Then, in future posts, I'll cover some good sources to get your video entertainment fix.

    Why dump cable/satellite?  Have you looked at your bill lately?  The average Pay TV bill increase has outstripped the pace of inflation by a huge margin for years now.  This is largely due to content creators forcing distributors (cable/satellite) to buy channels in bundles (who watches ESPN Classic?) and to pay a fee for each subscriber... even if they don't watch the channel.

    Okay, besides the obvious huge drain on your monthly budget, another reason to "cut the cord" is they are actually giving you a poor experience when it comes to basic channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.  You see, they have very limited bandwidth to stuff all 500+ channels of video into.  To offer you all these channels, they compress the video signal for each channel.  The more they compress it, the more channels they can send you.  The down side is, that the more they compress the video, the more the channel looks like "cubism art".

    As an experiment, watch a football game or other hi-definition broadcast of a sports event on your TV, with the signal from your cable or satellite provider.  Then watch the next game with an antenna.  You will be absolutely stunned at the picture improvement.

    So save yourself a lot of money and get a better picture.